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Constant Curvature Array Series

TORUS - The Definitive Constant Curvature Series

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For short and medium-throw applications of typically 15-30m (50-100ft), a full-blown line array is not always practical, optimal or affordable. Conversely, a point-source solution may not be able to achieve sufficient coverage with the SPL required.

TORUS constant curvature arrays are designed to fill that gap perfectly.

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Adopting a hybrid approach between line array and point-source, TORUS arrays can be configured to deliver plenty of power over a specified area — combining consistent coverage and SPL profile with cost efficiency.
Designed for professional sound reinforcement and fixed installations, TORUS cabinets can be arrayed either vertically or horizontally — offering full configuration flexibility to match the coverage and SPL requirements of the venue.
Drawing on extensive research, TORUS also overcomes issues associated with typical constant curvatures — advancing the constant curvature acoustic concept to achieve new levels of performance and refinement.

Vertical dispersion patterns of either 15° or 30° are achieved via two separate enclosure types — the narrow coverage T1215 and the wider coverage T1230. These can also be combined within an array to fit coverage requirements.

Each TORUS 12 enclosure has a horizontal dispersion pattern which can be manually adjusted between 90° and 60° or 75° (asymmetrical) via the unique Dynamic Horn Flare™. This moves and locks the waveguide in position and adjusts the horn mouth, including the low diffraction termination into the baffle, to ensure correct geometry and optimal performance for each dispersion setting. The Dynamic Horn Flare is moved by a rotating mechanism accessible from the front grille, while leaving the grille design to be both smart and fully protective of the drivers within.

Both systems feature a phase plug mounted in front of a 12” neodymium driver to increase mid-band sensitivity. In addition, three 1” exit, 1.4” voice coil high temperature polymer dome neodymium compression drivers deliver greater high frequency extension with low distortion and better transient response. This combination ensures Martin Audio’s signature sonic performance is not compromised even when driven at higher SPL.



T820 combines impressive output capability, superb sonic performance and a defined 100° by 20° coverage pattern from a very compact enclosure.

Again, a phase plug is mounted in front of an 8” neodymium driver to increase midband sensitivity while two 1” exit, 1.4” voice coil high temperature polymer dome neodymium compression drivers ensure sonic performance is not compromised even when driven at higher SPL.


Premium Cabinet Design with Flexible Deployment

TORUS feature plywood cabinets in hardwearing PU paint and incorporate two pocket handles for easy installation and deployment, as well as fixings for pole-mounting.

The integrated rigging is suitable for install and touring applications and supports horizontal array configurations of up to 180° with a flying frame that can support up to 6 cabinets in vertical orientation.

All this and finished off with a fully fitting grille, leaving no exposed parts, enabling a premium yet discreet look.

TORUS is available as standard in black or white.


Premium Cabinet Design with Flexible Deployment

DISPLAY 3 – 3D Modelling

With DISPLAY 3 software, TORUS systems can be modelled in 3D.


DISPLAY 3 – 3D Modelling and Optimisation

Amplification, Networking And Control

TORUS feature two NL4 connectors with passive configuration using pins 1+ 1- or 2+ 2- selected via rear-mounted switch. Systems are powered by Martin Audio iKON amplifiers, which support VU-NET control software and Dante® integration.

TORUS also feature a LED indicator that can be illuminated via VU-NET software to identify its location on the network.



Torus Brochure
Torus T820


8", Passive, 20 Degree Fixed Angle Constant Curvature Array Loudspeaker

Torus T1215


12", Passive, 15 Degree Fixed Angle Constant Curvature Array Loudspeaker

Torus T1230


12", Passive, 30 Degree Fixed Angle Constant Curvature Array Loudspeaker

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